Something Happened

Director / Creator / Performer 2021-22

Something Happened is a Dance Aerial Theatre piece currently in development, exploring Grief and Living in Present Absence. Informed by working and living through the COVID Pandemic, film created with performers online during this time is integrated into an immersive promenade multi-directional performance. Explore more about the work and its development.

Supported by Creative Scotland and Dance Base

Photo: Susan Hay. Featuring Skye Reynolds reconfigured work Alive, created with Susan Worsford

Anthropoda – Paper Doll Militia

Mentor| Dramaturg 2021-2023

Arthropoda is an aerial theatre production about navigating the fine line between supporting someone with mental illness or being in an abusive relationship. Crucially, the piece asks how we tell the difference between the two. The show also reveals a parallel story about lobsters, which are a kind of animal with an exoskeleton called an Arthropod or Arthropoda. The door to a lobster trap does not close. It’s wide open. The lobster just can’t figure out how to get out. How do we identify our traps? And once we do, how do we escape?

Manipulate Festival 2023 at Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh
Residency at Dance Base, Edinburgh March 2022
Residency at City Moves, Aberdeen. October 2021

Aerial Arts Production | Paper Doll Militia

Threaded Fine – Rosemary Lee

Performer 2022

 A cast of dancers from across Scotland and ranging in age from 9-70+ years to create a new site-specific version of her Threaded Fine project.
Commissioned by Dance North in partnership with Scottish Dance Theatre and supported by Creative Scotland.

Threaded Fine – Rosemary Lee

A Changling Wife –  Niamh O’Loughlin

Mentor | Dramaturg 2021-2022

The Space (Dundee, Scotland)
Dance Base (Edinburgh, Scotland)

A Changeling Wife Trailer


Performer 2021

A durational outdoor dance happening conceived in a physically distant world and presented as part of Edinburgh International Festival on the 22nd and 29th August.

#trolleyscores & saints – Skye Reynolds

Director Input 2021

Is a solo journey inspired by Joan of Arc, shopping trolleys & coming out of lockdown. Commissioned by What Moves You? & performed this Summer 2021 in partnership with Lyra Artspace.
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Photo: Brian Hartley. Featuring Skye Reynolds

Paper Doll Milita – A Wire Apart 2020


A Wire Apart is a modern love story set in the surreal environment of our digitally A modern love story set in the surreal environment of our digitally connected world. Distanced by a world of wires, two lost individuals work on finding each other, but in doing so must first find themselves. Using dance, physical theatre, tight-wire walking and original music, A Wire Apart explores the impact modern communication has on our mental health and ability to connect authentically with one another.

Directed the development and re staging of A Wire Apart. Including devising scenes, choreography, movement direction and Dramaturgy.

Janis Claxton Dance – POP-UP DUETS (fragments of love)

Dramaturg 2015-2019

I worked as part of the creative team primarily as Dramaturg during the Research , Development and Performance period. I then continued to support the production during the tour as Rehearsal Director, Tour Manger and Stage manager.

“LET’S not mess about: everything about POP-UP Duets is inspired. This is, at every level, a richly inventive, wonderfully perceptive work, danced with a persuasive humanity” Mary Brennan, The Herald *****

Jango Starr One Man Shoe

Creator / Performer 2016-2019
Directed by Gerry Mulgrew

A contemporary theatre clown show for families, touring to 110 venues with 140+ performances in small scale Theatres and on the Rural Touring network, 2016-19.

‘We’re talking classic clown, here, and Jango Starr is a master of that art…a subtly sophisticated framework that allows the naive simplicity of his character to triumph over ongoing adversity…Starr’s flair and expertise captivates, we’re knocked out by him!’
Mary Brennan, The Herald ****