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The Short of it…

My career/life practice, research, training and performing has been across the various movement based forms of Circus, Physical Theatre and Dance. As a Performer, Maker, Dramaturg and Director.


Recent activity

Directed Something Happened for my MA presentation at Circomedia.
I worked as Dramaturg & Rehearsal Director on POP UP duets for Janis Claxton Dance.
Directed Paper Doll Militia in A Wire Apart.
Toured in my own solo clown show One Man Shoe.

What I bring to my Directing,

Areas of interest and expertise

I have a wealth of experience in various body and performative techniques and recently graduated with an MA in Directing Circus and Performance with a distinction. I have a primary interest in the  expressiveness of the whole human through emotionally embodied movement in cogent theatrical contexts. With particular regard to the necessity of presence, spatial and topographical awareness in performance. My main area of expertise is Movement Dramaturgy