The short of it…
I have been working in the performing arts professionally for 35 years, across the fields of Circus, Dance, Improvisation and Contemporary Performance. Both solo and with companies in the British Isles and Australia as a Contemporary Clown, Physical Theatre Actor, Dancer, Aerialist and Juggler variously in Arts Festivals, Street Festivals, Theatres, Big Top Circus and commercial entertainment.

And the long of it….
My most recent work, One Man Shoe, Directed by Gerry Mulgrew, a contemporary theatre clown show for families, notched up 140+ performances  across 110 venues, in small scale theatres and on the Rural Touring network, 2016-19.
Since the mid 90’s I have done in depth research, training and performance in Dance, Improvisation and Contemporary Performance. I have been an ongoing lead performer in the Dance Theatre works of Angus Balbernie and a featured performer in Janis Claxton Dance, Human Zoo series. This developed into the role of Dramaturg with Janis Claxton Dance, as well as Performance & Rehearsal Director for POP Up duets.
This led me, along with the  wealth of experience in various body and performative techniques to pursue an MA in Directing Circus and Performance from which I graduated in March 2021 with a distinction.
I am currently researching and developing  work around Grief and Living in Present Absence. In particular exploring embodied absence and disembodied presence.
This has been informed by Covid restrictions, working with  performers online and integrating these video performers into live performance. I have a primary interest in the  expressiveness of the whole human through emotionally embodied movement in cogent theatrical contexts.

Clive Andrews CV 2023

The last few years…

Arthropoda – Paper Doll Militia, creation and performance at Manipulate Festival 2023. Dramaturg | Mentor

Something Happened – Director/Creator/Performer 
Residency at Dance Base. Supported by Creative Scotland

EGG – Paper Doll Militia. Restaging for touring-Director

Paper Doll Militia Residency at Dance Base– Mentor

Niamh O’Loughlin – The Changeling Wife – Mentor

Something Happened – Solo version, Directed by Angus Balbernie. Hidden Door. Creator/Performer 

Threaded Fine – Rosemary Lee – SDT/Dance North – Performer

Master of Arts, MA Directing Circus and Performance (Distinction) Circomedia/Bath Spa University 

#trolleyscores & saints  – Skye Reynolds solo.What Moves You? Director input

Field – Curious Seed. EIF- Performer

Paper Doll Militia Residency at Citymoves – Mentor

A Wire Apart- Paper Doll Milita. EdFringe Online. Stage Director

Something Smashing- Dancebase, EdFringe. Performer 

Circus Village – No Fit State . Residency 

Space/Time– Illuminate/Magnetic North. Residency.

A Wire Apart Paper Doll Militia, Director

One Man Shoe, Solo Clown Theatre show. Supported by Creative Scotland and OnFife. Performed 140+ shows across UK & Ireland. Creator, Performer, Producer and Tour Manager. Directed by Gerry Mulgrew

POP Up duets Herald Angel Award Dramaturg, Rehearsal Director and Tour Manager. International Tour to Europe, Asia and Australasia
SOduLOet Residency at Dance Base with Skye Reynolds & Angus Balbernie

POP Up duets  Made in Scotland. Dramaturg and Performance Director

2005 to the present based in Edinburgh
Jango Starr 100+ Clown Shows each year. Private and commercial including at the 10th Anniversary of the Scottish Parliament, Commonwealth Games Glasgow, Leicester and Glasgow Comedy Festivals, Kidfest, DanceAmazing.

The Lighthouse Keeper solo clown show. 20+ date tour in Scotland 2007/8 created with assistance of Scottish Arts Council, NEAC and Dance Base. Directed by David WW Johnstone, Lazzi Experimental Arts Unit 

White Magic, Solo Cabaret, Spiegeltent, Christmas season, Edinburgh 2008
Jolly Jango Christmas, Solo Clown, Spiegeltent, Christmas season, Edinburgh 2008

At the Drop of a Hat  solo children’s theatre. Supported by Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre.  2010

One Man Shoe, Solo Clown Theatre show. Supported by Creative Scotland and OnFife, 2016-19. Performed 140+ shows across UK & Ireland

For Janis Claxton Dance
Enclosure 44 – Zoo Keeper- Performer/Dramaturg/Deviser/Stage Manager. Herald Angel Award 2008 

HUMAN ANIMAL Zoo Keeper- Performer/Dramaturg/Stage Manager. Shanghai Expo (British Council), IETM Glasgow. 2010

ENCLOSURE 99 – Zoo Keeper- Performer/Dramaturg/Stage Manager. 2011

HUMANIMALIA Dramaturg, 2011

POP Up duets Dramaturg. Made in Scotland. 2015/6

POP Up duets Dramaturg, Rehearsal Director and Tour Manager. 2018-19. Herald Angel Award

For Angus Balbernie
Materials for a Small Winter Lead role, Angus Balbernie CCA Glasgow supported by DanceHouse 2008

Meatyard Meat Me Lead role, Angus Balbernie CCA Glasgow, supported by DanceHouse 2008

The Lining of Bees Lead role, Angus Balbernie. Commissioned by The Bluecoat, Liverpool and supported by Dance House Glasgow. 2009

Slanted DanceBase, Edinburgh 2014 

Aurora Borealis Lazzi Experimental Arts Unit, 2007/08. Edfringe 08 at Dance Base
Transmission Performer for Imaginate Artist in Residence Skye Reynolds, National Museum of Scotland 2012

2000-2004 based in Bristol

Jango Starr solo clown 100+ Clown Shows each year. Private and commercial . For among others Cirque Bijou, Crowd Pullers and Missing Link.

Out to Lunch solo clown show, Royal Parks London, Bristol Harbourside Festival, Ripley and Scuff CITV     

Taking the Mic Solo Cabaret, including WOMAD Festival, Bristol Harbourside Festival, Yorkshire Comedy Festival.

Dance Theatre Productions for Angus Balbernie

On the Lining Of Bees Lead role, Tobacco Factory supported by ACE

We Have Eaten Like Birds QEH, Bristol, supported by Dance Services, BADA, Bath Spa Univ.

51 Solos/Disguises of Weather Tobacco Factory & Dartington Hall

Souvenir Directed by Adele Levi & Barry Moon. Supported by SWA and Arts and Humanities Research Board. Michael Tippett Centre, Bath Spa Univ.

Lake Odyssey core team member, 4 month community arts project, deviser, workshop leader and performer. North East Somerset Arts. 

Keynsham Music Festival Production Manager, North East Somerset Arts 2002

1990-99 – Australia 

Artistic Direcor Vertigo, Aerial, Physical Theatre & Mask company. ‘90 -94. Funded by NSW Ministry of the Arts.

SpinFX  included runs at Sydney Festival 92 & 93, Brisbane Festival 93, Adelaide Fringe 93, Australian Museum 92 and numerous local festivals & commercial events.
Chasing the Tale commedia dell’arte, Baal Mask and Circus Show. Sydney Festival ‘94


The Homage core team member. Outdoor site specific event funded by NSW Ministry of the Arts, ‘92

Montana Circus Big Top, Sydney Tour 1994. Featured act as aerialist, clown and juggler

Jango solo clown, 100’s of walkabout performances  1994-99.

Stan the Handyman, Walter Park Ranger, Mo the Hobo, Commissioned characters for commercial clients and theme park.

Out To Lunch solo clown show 1996-99

Universal Lake  core team member. Outdoor community spectacle funded by NSW and ACT Ministries of The Arts,’96

Bon Appetit, comedy waiters duo (9 month residency at Sydney Harbour Casino)’97

The Mens Room, Devised physical theatre performance for 3 men’98

Dance improvisation performer with Janis Claxton and Helen Clarke-Lapin 95-99 in numerous settings.

UK 1988
Snapdragon Circus  Big Top tour, England. Performing in ensemble and featured as juggler and aerialist.
Skinning the Cat, premier, Bradford 1988.


Master of Arts, MA Directing Circus and Performance (Distinction) Circomedia/Bath Spa University 

Fool Time, The U.K. Centre for the Performing Arts and Circus Skills, Bristol.

Tutors included Frankie Anderson, John Lee and Bim Mason.

I have also studied;

Clown and Le Jeu with Philippe Gaulier and Sian Newey

Clown with Avner Eisenberg

Mask with Sian Newey

Aerial with the Palacy’s /Circus Oz and Sue Broadway

Outdoor Spectacle with Boris Howarth/Welfare State

Contemporary Dance and Improvisation with Janis Claxton

Contact Improvisation with Helen Clarke Lapin

Composition and Devising with Angus Balbernie

Improvisation with Al Wunder, Katy Duck, Andrew Morrish, Sten Rudstrom

Acting with David WW Johnstone

Stand Up Comedy with Mandy Nolan


I have taught Dance, Clowning, Circus Skills and Physical Theatre in numerous educational and community settings. Including for Dance Base Edinburgh, Dance Centre Bristol, Bath and North Somerset Arts, National Academy of Dramatic Art, Sydney.


‘We’re talking classic clown, here, and Jango Starr is a master of that art…a subtly sophisticated framework that allows the naive simplicity of his character to triumph over ongoing adversity…Starr’s flair and expertise captivates, we’re knocked out by him!’
Mary Brennan, The Herald **** One Man Shoe

“Clive Andrews is a clown and mime artist who turns effort into ease and laughter. The real joy of this show lies in the physical fun, comic humour, sheer energy and enthusiasm plus circus skills – balancing, juggling, pratfalls – turning all his effort into ease and laughter. A new force has entered Scottish theatre!” Dr. Malcolm Knight, FRSA Executive Director, Scottish Mask and Puppet Centre. The Lighthouse Keeper

“LET’S not mess about: everything about POP-UP Duets is inspired. This is, at every level, a richly inventive, wonderfully perceptive work, danced with a persuasive humanity” Mary Brennan, The Herald ***** POP-UP Duets, Janis Claxton Dance

“Clive Andrews is a genuine, finely tuned craftsman in the art of clowning. He fills the theatre with warmth and charismatic charm. There are no cheap gimmicks, just perfectly timed clowning and expert story-telling.” 

Morag Deyes MBE, Artistic Director, Dancebase, The Lighthouse Keeper

“Clever juggling with hats, shoes, brollys, suitcases and even chairs. Proper traditional slapstick, perfectly timed silent comedy all mixed with juggling give us the old-fashioned belly laughs frequently missing in modern shows.” **** One4review 

“Shambling onto the stage is Clive Andrews, an audience favourite. Utilising few props, Andrews keeps things simple, his juggling act the most complicated part of a segment that appeals to all ages.” **** Evening News

“Hapless clown Clive Andrews manages to make the most simple procedures laughably complex.” **** The Scotsman

“An extraordinary performer, a very funny Clown with a liquid and poetic performance style.” Theatre Bristol. Out to Lunch

“A dazzling sense of lit-up wonderment that visibly grows  – as if they were seeing the Aurora Borealis – and that joie de vivre is mirrored, literally and metaphorically, in moments of shared delight that include us all” The Herald **** Aurora Borealis